EDU 305

Spring 2018

Concepts About Print

We began our journey with oral language but really that is just one component of emergent literacy. Basically it means kids who play at reading and reading become better readers and writers. Emergent literacy refers to proto-skills that predict later successes in reading.

The Readings

Literacy Rich Envrionment

Access Center . Literacy-Rich Environments. Mind/shift KQED News

Emergent Literacy

Pullen, P. C., & Justice, L. M . Enhancing phonological awareness, print awareness, and oral language skills in preschool children.. Intervention in school and clinic, 39(2), 87-98.

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

Annotate the readings by focusing on key definitions,


Getting Loud

How will you support emergent literacy in your classroom? What will it look like when you teach? What strategies do you have more making home and school connections?


With 1-2 other people in the class watch this video. Discuss how emergent literacy is supported. Then draw up the perfect preschool classroom and preschool schedule. You can discuss together in the Stream in the Module-Two channel or


  • Includes a comprehensive strategy for emergent literacy across all module activities


  • Descriptions of environmental in chat logs or reflections of group work.
  • Research based strategies included as evidence in blog posts.
  • Quantitative and qualitative observation data from the video.