EDU 305

Spring 2018

Concepts About Print

Concepts About Print, an assessment developed by Marie Clay, is a key predictor of later literacy success. We often use these assessments in pre-school. More importantly the techniques can be used in our read alouds to explain how print functions when we read books?

The Readings

Assessment Guide

Clay, M . Concepts About Print: What have children learned about printed language?. Mind/shift Concepts About Print, Heinemann

Beyond Print

Wholwend, K . Toddlers and touchscreens: Learning “Concepts Beyond Print” with tablet technologies. . Online Article

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

Annotate the readings by focusing on key definitions,


Getting Loud

Is the Concepts of Print a useful assessment? Where do pixles belong in the pre-school classroom?


Record youself pretending to read a children's literature book going over all of the Concept of Print questions. Act is you are in front of the class and using the assessment as question cuews..


  • Can deliver a Concepts of Print Assessment


  • Each element assessed in CAP is included in video.