EDU 305

Spring 2018

Running Records

Running Records capture what children know and understand about the reading process. They capture children’s thinking. Running Records provide you with an opportunity to analyze what happened and plan appropriate instruction. From Running Records, you have evidence of what the child is able to do, ready to learn, and learning over a period of time. Noted researcher Marie Clay designed this very effective and widely used tool.

The Readings

Scholastic Guide to Running Record

Vanderbilt University . Running Record. Alphakids Assessment Kit Teacher’s Guide Online version

The Tasks


Complete the readings.


Analyze Running Records

Watch the following YouTube playlist and then describe how you could identify student word attack strategies. Meaning how decoding or figuring out unknown words helped their comprehension.


On your own complete the following training activities here.Do not do excercises 5 and 9 we will complete those in class


  • Administer and analyze a running record


  • Practice assessments
  • Written analysis of student running records