EDU 305

Spring 2018

life cycle flickr photo by Vik Nanda shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Once Piaget published a theory on growth development others, specifically Jean Chall, applied it to reading theory. Chall created a stages of reading development still used by many today. A few decades later, Vygotsky's work, who was a contemporary of Piaget, had his work translated into English. This lead to new socio-cultural theories of literacy that were also influenced by post-modern movements.

The Readings

Chall's Stages

Chall, J . Chall on Stages of Reading Development. New Learning Online version

Sociocultural Development of Reading

Hull, G & Moje E. . What is the Development of Literacy the Development Of?. Understanding Language

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

Annotate the readings by focusing on key differences between cognitive and sociocultural perspectives of learning.


What's the answer?

Using the readings explain how people grow into readers.


Make a poster of how you believe reading develops. You can use Chall's model, Tompkins's model,a sociocultural model rejecting stages, something in between, or make up your own. Just define each stage or term, tell us what a student can do and what a teacher should do to help growth.


  • Develops a theory of reading stages and make a poster. This can be a slide deck, a website, or an actual poster you photgraph with you


  • Each element assessed in CAP is included in video.