EDU 305

Spring 2018


James Paul Gee would often share a story of a young kindergartner. He got labled as a "struggling reader," yet when he watched the child play Polkemon the child comrpeheded complex rules and understood a wealth f vocabulary he as a linguist did not know. Vocabulary is a key predictor of reading outcomes Yet vocabulary is also about ways of being and membership in different communities? In recent eyars schools have focused on vocabulary commonly used in academic discourses. What is the best way to teah vocabulary?

The Readings

Early Childhood Webinar Series

Williams, K. . Running Record. What Is the Important Vocabulary to Teach in Preschool? Early Childhood Webinar Series

Beyond the Pages of a Book

Wasik, B., & Bond, M. A. . Beyond the Pages of a Book: Interactive Book Reading and Language Development in the PreSchool Classroom. What Is the Important Vocabulary to Teach in Preschool? Journal of Educational Psychology2, 243-250.

The Tasks


Complete the readings. Annotate the research paper.


Word Wizards

How will you support vocabulary instruction in the classroom?


With a partner make a poster of the principles and myths of vocabulary instruction from here


  • Has a clear plan to foucs on words in preschool though a variety of oral language, book reading, environmental print, children's cultural knowledge, sight words, and community.


  • Plan for oral language describes how vocabulary is reinforced in blog posts
  • Poster highlights best classroom practices focused on key criteria