EDU 305

Spring 2018


Phonics. You are now using your eyes and your years to draw a conenction between sounds and letters. No more emergent literacy you now teach young readers.

The Readings

Chall's Stages

Vanderbilt University . BUILDING THE FOUNDATION. How to Teach Phonics Online version

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

Annotate the readings by focusing on your key area you will teach to class. You are responsible to know the entire contents.


Curate resources

How would you teach your assigned phocs skills. Teach us five methods.


You will teach a mini-lesson on June 12th using your assigned phonics group.


  • Identify the growth in phonemic awareness and describe better teaching pracitces in foundational skills


  • Use of the CCSS foundational skills in lesson plan
  • Uses key definitions in blog posts and artifacts