EDU 305

Spring 2018


To increase writing in the elementary school students to write daily; use the writing process for a variety of purposes; be fluent in handwriting, spelling, sentence construction, and word processing; and be in a a community of writers.

The Readings

Kindergaren Writers Workshop

Alison . How to Launch Your Kindergarten Writing Workshop. Learning at the Primary Pond to Teach in Preschool? Kindergarten

Beyond the Pages of a Book

Hall, A., Simspon, A., Guo, Y., & Wang, S. . Examining the Effects of Preschool Writing Instruction on Emergent Literacy Skills: A Systematic Review of the Literature Tiger Prints1-33.

The Tasks


Complete the readings. Annotate the research paper.


Word Wizards

Describe your writing curriculum


Submit a writer's workshop lesson plan


  • Mini lesson has a clear learning objective with guided and independent practice to move students toward the learning goal while providing assessment data of this growth.


  • Lesson Plan has objective
  • Lesson plan includes guided and indpendent practice
  • Assessment strategies are used throughout the lesson