EDU 305

Spring 2018


Comprehension is a complex and acrtive practice of endocing and decoding meaning on the world through a growing sense of agency and belonging.

The Readings

Efective Practices for Comprhension

Duke, N., & Pearson, P. D. . Effective Practices for Developing Reading Comprehension What Research Has to Say About Reading Comprehension

Dialogical Reading

Whitehurst, R. . Dialogic Reading: An Effective Way to Read to Preschoolers Reading Rockets1-33.

The Tasks


Complete the readings. Annotate the research paper.


Making Meaning

How do we Teach Comprehension in the Early Childhood Classroom


Submit a script of a dialogical reading lesson


  • Three pages of children's book at level 1, level, 2, and level 3 reading with dialogue


  • Has focus on vocabulary
  • Uses dialogical reading methods
  • Increase in student talk through progression